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the hairy IT dogthe hairy IT dog aims to make secure computing easier and more achievable for everyone.

What people are saying:

"These posters remind us that keeping our clients' information safe is vitally important."

Vicki Maguire - Vicki Maguire Coaching

"Employee security awareness is so important and these posters are a great resource."

Stephen Cobb

"We're a charity so the fact there's a free version is really helpful."

Dorothy Turner

"Eye-catching posters that make people think about security."

Leigh Emmerson - VoxXpress Ltd

It's rare that anything is achieved single-handily, so we'd like to thank the following for their support, knowledge and willingness to share it. Apologies if we've missed anyone off this list and if we have we'd like to give a general thank you to all those people who help make the Internet such a great resource.

In no particular order, we'd like to thank:

the hairy IT dog
  • Everyone involved with Qcodo.
  • GraphicsFuel for their free PSD files and graphic design resources
  • micah carrick for his great explanation of how to implement PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) service. If only PayPal's documents were as clear and easy to follow!
  • Sam at photos8 offers high quality stock pictures files at the most affordable prices in the market, and you may use these images for almost any purpose, including commercial.