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Below are answers to common questions about the hairy IT dog security awareness posters. Can't find an answer? Why not post a question and we'll answer it as soon as we can. If you're a subscriber post your question in our forum for an even faster response.

Why can't I add my own text to my free security poster?
You need to register in order to download the customizable versions of our posters. It's completely free and we won't share your email address with anyone else. You can register right here.
Are hairy IT dog posters only available in English?
We currently produce them in English (en-GB) and American English (en-US) to take account of differences in spelling. We hope to produce versions in Spanish soon.
How many copies of my posters can I print?
You can print as many as you need for use within your organization.
Your tag line says 'information security best practices and policies made easy'. Do you provide policies as well as posters?
We are planning to release ready to go, customizable security policies in the near future. As soon as they're ready we will let subscribers know via the monthly poster email.
When I print a poster what are the best settings?
When you print a PDF from Acrobat Reader, select the Fit size option and the Auto portrait/landscape orientation option, which are both the default settings. These settings will ensure the poster prints correctly. On some posters there will be a thin white border around the poster. This is to ensure the actual printable area is supported by all types of printer.
Which paper sizes can I use?
Our posters are designed to print correctly on A4 and US Letter paper.

Still can't find an answer? Why not post a question and we'll answer it as soon as we can.